“Aventura Spray Tan”

“2650 N.E. 188 St. Miami, FL 33180 (786) 991-7593 www.aventuraspraytan.com Aventura Spray Tan has quick-drying (less than 10 minutes) airbrush tanning services. The finished look is bronze and natural-looking with no streaks and no odors. The prices are very reasonable for these organic spray tan services and they also specialize in eyelash extensions. This salon is by appointment only so there’s no line and no wait.”  – miami.cbslocal.com

“The resulting color is long-lasting so you may look and feel fabulous”

Haywood Hunter

“Forget sunbathing and other tanning methods that expose the skin to harmful UV rays. Spray tan Aventura salon offers is the safest way to obtain a magnificent bronzed complexion that looks realistic. Anyone may avail of this excellent service, including those with very sensitive skin. The resulting color is long-lasting so you may look and feel fabulous for days.

Spray tan Aventura qualified attendants will take care of your needs the moment you step foot inside the place. There is no need to wait for your turn because all tanning sessions are done by appointment only. Spray tan Aventura salon offers won’t take up much of your precious time especially because a treatment may be over in just 10 minutes or even less. The solution used is quick-drying so you may exit the establishment soon enough and start showing off your highly desirable complexion. A deluxe service is also available that is an even faster solution, perfect for very busy individuals.

Don’t expect to see streaks and patches once you are through with spray tan Aventura provides. Without these unsightly imperfections, no one will suspect that your dazzling golden-brown skin tone is artificial. This kind of service is perfect for individuals who often struggle applying at-home tanning solutions smoothly in order to end up with a lovely result.

Spray tan Aventura salon offers is perfect for anyone who likes to sport a stunning complexion without unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays. Certainly, burnt and peeling skin doesn’t look beautiful. Sunbathing also increases your risk for skin cancer. You don’t have to worry about all of these nightmares when you avail of spray tan Aventura is providing.

Organic spray tan Aventura uses won’t harm your skin. It can quickly and effectively darken your complexion without the need for harsh chemicals. If sunbathing and the usage of certain at-home tanning solutions often leave you looking like a tomato, schedule an appointment. You can avail of fake tanning solution that will give you nothing but a lovelier skin tone.

The resulting color may be enjoyed for up to 10 long days. The fading of the golden-brown hue happens gradually just like the real thing. Just undergo another session of spray tan Aventura offers when you are no longer happy with your complexion. Because the solution used does not contain unhealthy chemicals, fake tanning this way is absolutely risk-free.

Experiencing spray tan Aventura for yourself is the best way to know how effective and safe this tanning solution is. You may log on the web beforehand and look for reviews and client testimonials. Let the salon’s qualified attendants give you a professional-looking tan so you can be sure that you don’t end up unnaturally orange or with hideous streaks.

Don’t let excessive amounts of UV rays coming from the sun touch your skin and put your health in danger. Indoor tanning is all the rage these days, especially the kind which uses all-natural organic ingredients. Setting up an appointment for a spray tan Aventura salon offers is the first step to obtaining a magnificent bronzed complexion that no one will suspect as fake.” ~ Haywood Hunter

“Patricia has always done her job very gently and professionally.”

“I have had many sessions at Aventura Spray Tan. Patricia has always done her job very gently and professionally.

She is detail oriented and the outcome shows. I always come out from Aventura Spray tan as If I had spent a week at the beach and everybody notices and makes comments. I am a happy client.” ~ Raquel Marino

“I love Aventura Spray Tan”

“I love Aventura Spray Tan, it’s so natural that nobody can tell I have a fake tan, I just love it!!!” ~ Susan

“I’ve been tanning for years… and never found a tan like this!”

“Aventura Spray Tan is the best tanning center. I’ve been tanning for years from Vegas to Miami and never found a tan like this, with  so many events my tan has to look perfect. Dresses and bikinis look even sexier!!” ~ T.K.

“It’s so natural, nobody can tell!!”

“My tans are continually amazing with Patricia, I leave golden brown and don’t have any of that usual tanning scent on me. It’s so natural, nobody can tell!!”  ~ Stephanie

“Aventura Spray Tan is the best Spray tanning center I’ve found”

“Aventura Spray Tan is the best Spray tanning center I’ve found. It leaves you streak free and bronze for days with no harmful UV exposure it’s safe, fast and super effective. Now I can’t live without it!” ~ Nicole

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